Dutch Trading Post Heritage Network meeting 2016 


From November 13th – 16th 2016, Baan Hollanda hosted the second general meeting of the Dutch Trading Post Heritage Network, under the title of “Treasure in Heritage: Aspects of Dutch-Asian Interactions”. Various activities had been taken place, for example, a visit to the old settlement of the Dutch trading post in Ayutthaya, where Baan Hollanda, an information centre on the relationship between Thailand and the Netherlands is located, academic presentations related to the VOC history from the members, a field trip to historical places in Ayutthaya, a farewell dinner that was kindly hosted by Embassy of the Netherlands in Thailand and the workshop of "Storytelling, Interpretation & Learning with and from Collections", which the last one had set up by the cooperation between Baan Hollanda, National Discovery Museum Institute – NDMI and Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands. (Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed).


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During the network visit to Baan Hollanda, Ayutthaya


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Member presentation under the topic: Treasure in Heritage


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Members of the network visit historical site in Ayutthaya


Dutch Trading Post Heritage Network is an international network of institutions in the public and private sector that work with VOC heritage. (VOC was one of a powerful company in the 17th and 18th century due to its capability in operating a large trading network connecting many cities around Asia as well as the Netherlands and other regions.)


The signing to set up Dutch Trading Post Heritage Network had been taken place in 2014, in Hirado, Japan, with 3 purposes:

1) Share knowledge and research between the various members of the network to increase understanding of VOC related history and the management of VOC heritage and cooperate to do research to close knowledge gap between members.
2) Initiate and promote exchanges on a cultural, economic, educational and personal level between the various members.
3) Increase awareness about VOC history as well as promote and increase awareness about the current state of the VOC sites and the links between them.


At present, our network consists of 10 members from various cities in 6 countries:
Ambon (Indonesia): Ambon City Government
Ayutthaya (Thailand): Baan Hollanda Foundation
Banda (Indonesia): Banda Heritage Foundation
Galle (Sri Lanka): Galle Heritage Foundation
Hirado (Japan): Hirado Dutch Trading Post
Jakarta (Indonesia): Indonesian Documentation Centre of Architecture
Malacca (Malaysia): Melaka World Heritage Office
Nagasaki (Japan): Nagasaki City Dejima Restoration Office
Tainan (Taiwan): Taijiang National Park Headquarters
Ternate (Indonesia): Ternate Heritage Society


For further information regarding the network please refer to: