A lecture with Baan Hollanda's designer


You may spotted Estrella Montien (Khun Dao) with her presentation here at Baan Hollanda last Sunday. She visited us with a group of Cultural Management students from Silpakorn University. As a museologist and the designer of Baan Hollanda exhibition that we all impressed with, khun Dao has so many exciting stories and detail to share with us. The design journey of our exhibition started with Khun Dao and a team of curators and designers. The aim of the task was to deliver stories about the historical tie of over 400 years relations of the two countries. The challenge was we only one floor space of the exhibition!


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Listening to Khun Dao and you will learn how the design was developed and how the fund raising project went before we are Baan Hollanda as today. These are behind-the-scene detail that made reality happened and her energy will certainly inspire you to feel passionate about the art of museum-making and delivering stories.


Apart from educating visitors about the Dutch history, one of our goals is also to educate learners about cultural values. If you would like to meet khun Dao and learn her design and work process creating Baan Hollanda project, do get in touch with us!