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Thank you for visiting Baan Hollanda website. We are so pleased to relaunch the webiste in a clean and modern look for a better communication with our visitors. Here you'll find all the related information about us as well as future updates regarding our events and activities.

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Although it's been since April, allow us to breifly let you know about our first festival we held in April 2015, the Dutch Heritage Weekend, which happened in the same week as the celebration of the Netherlands's National Day. We had over two hundred guests per day visiting us in Ayutthaya where the colourful event (though mostly orange!) was prepared at Baan Hollanda including fresh stroopwafels, Dutch inspired souvenirs and painting Dutch patterns on canvas bags. 


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Apart from the Dutch culture that visitors get to explore, the day was also filled with families getting the chance to spend thier weekend together which is always one of our goals as a historical centre. Another section that was also popular, was our main exhibition. The story of the VOC and how the Dutch operated their trade with Siam and how they lived in the city of Ayutthaya. We also had a large university group visiting us on those two days of the weekend, which all went very enjoyable and the atmosphere was packed with excitement!


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One of our historian and VOC expert, Dr.Bhawan was also here on the day to guide our visitors through the exhibition. Below is our atmosphere during the sale of freshly made stroopwafels by a local Dutch bakery in Ayutthaya.


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 We will organise the Netherland's National Day event every year, so do stay tuned the for up coming annoucement from March next year for the event in April 2016! We hope to see you again here!


Tot ziens! (See you!)