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Permanent Exhibition


Baan Hollanda is pleased to invited you to visit our permanent exhibition on the second floor of our building. Starting from the beginning, the exhibition delivers the story of how the over 400 years relations of Thailand-the Netherlands started. This involved the trade operation of the Dutch East India Company who worked in Siam during 17th-18th Century. Explore the story of the VOC and get to know the city of Ayutthaya in that period. 


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Photo by Assistant Professor Nirandorn Tongaroon 


International trade is more than just an exchange of goods, but it also involves changes in numerous areas of life, culture and the economy. This applied to the VOC trade with Siam and other harbour cities in Asia. Their journeys in search of spice, tropical wood and local products introduced new knowledge and lifestyle to the Europeans which visitors can learn more about in our exhibition.  At the same time, the VOC also introduced to Siam many products from other part of Asia, creating a more variety of goods and expanding trade network. 


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Photo by Assistant Professor Nirandorn Tongaroon 


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Photo by Assistant Professor Nirandorn Tongaroon


Trading also involved living and adapting to the new environment. The VOC well awared of how the local custom and tradition are important to their business and tried to participate and understand the Siamese culture. Explore further on how the Dutch live while they worked here until the end of the trade station. In addition, visitors can learn how the excavation of the historical site went and how the Dutch-Thai relations developed further from the Ayutthaya period. 


Admission fee


Our permanent exhibition has entrance fee of 50 baht per person


Price for group visitors and school visits may varie. Please contact us for your reservation and more information. 







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